Reversible AiryVest in Plum + Lilac (DOG & CO. Exclusive)


We search the world far & wide for the best dog products in every category...and AiryVest is one that we truly love - especially in our new custom colors!

With special sizes to fit dogs who are long & lean or short & wide, these versatile vests are available in 12 sizes to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes.

AiryVest keeps your pup warm by capturing and retaining body heat through the incredibly well-fitting design. Softly elasticated Lycra arm and body trim keep cold drafts out by hugging the body in all of the right places. A puffer neck acts as a wind-guard on cold days, while keeping your canine comfortable without too much bulk around the head and neck.  Imagine your favorite slim-line puffer coat, re-imagined for your pup!

AiryVest is designed and produced in the Ukraine, of the lightweight water-resistant nylon that's DWR-treated to repel light moisture.  Filled with a high-quality (non-down) insulator fabric, these vests were built to allow your pup to walk, run, and stay warm & cozy on even the coldest winter days.  Even the smallest pup won't be weighed down by their outerwear in this comfortable jacket!

Featuring an easy top-to-bottom zip (duh, now you can see where you are zipping!), the wide range of Airy Vest sizes offer the right fit for pups little to large.  A harness hole on the back allows for easy walks. Each AiryVest includes a lightweight stuff-sac to store and transport your pup's vest.

Since we love these vests so much, we asked AiryVest to create 4 incredible custom color combos just for us :: Plum + Lilac, Navy + Ice Blue, + Neon Yellow, and Black + Black Dot.  Sophisticated enough for even the poshest city pup, these cool colorblocks perfectly combine sporty and chic sensibilities while keeping your dog warm and comfortable all season. Fully reversible, this vest provides 2-for-1 color options.

Notes on Sizing : The number in the AiryVest size indicates the vest's length in centimeters.  The size chart converts these to inches, and includes general weight guidelines.  Sizes S30, M40, and M50 are specially cut for dogs who run short and wide (hello, Frenchies, Pugs, Bulldogs, etc!) - they offer extra-wide necks, wider chests, and blunt-cut tail-ends to match this body type. 

  • Ultra light
  • Water Resistant
  • Refined design holds body heat in
  • Reversible design for color options
  • Armholes are soft and stretch for easy movement 
  • Compact bag for storage and transportation
  • High quality reversible zipper provides super easy fastening
  • Includes lower-placement harness hole on back for easier wear over your pup's harness 
  • Click below for the full size guide

Need sizing help? We know that this one can be confusing! Please chat / text / email ( with your dog's breed or mix and weight for additional sizing assistance.

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