The Cadet Cotton Camo Hoodie for Long Dogs (Made in the USA)


We know camouflage is supposed to make you harder to see...but you’ll want to be anything BUT hidden in this hoodie!

Stylish contrasting gray patches transform this classic look into a modern style. It's not just about style though, because this lightweight hoddie is made with an ultra soft fleece fabric that will keep your fur baby cozy on those cool Spring and Summer nights.

Long Dog clothing was founded to provide well-made and well-fitting apparel for longer-than-most dogs.  Designed and produced in California, 15% of all of Long Dog's proceeds are donated to local rescues.  They really love dogs!

Our note : While Long Dog is built to fit long dogs (duh), we find that it does actually fit a range of dog sizes overall, especially in styles like this one that offer a fair amount of stretch.

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in California, USA
  • Warmth Rating: 5/10 Midweight 
  • See product images for complete size chart

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