The Dooloop Waste Bag Holder in Millennial Pink (Made in the USA)


We all know that sudden fear when you've picked up your dog's business & you frantically start looking for where to trash it...

Well - here's the solution!  The dooloop will buy you some time while also freeing your hands for other things like oh, let's say coffee?

Juggling leashes and poop while holding a cup of coffee, or a phone can be a thing of the past as well as dropped bags. The dooloop by HOUNDSWAG is a patent-pending leash accessory to hold used poop bags when you're out on a walk. With one hand you simply slide bags on and off, your hands are free and your pockets empty.

Dooloops are made in Maine of bio-degradable non-toxic plastic and use zero-waste packaging that includes a ball-chain to attach your dooloop to any leash handle.

  • Made in Maine
  • Attach to leash via ball-chain (included)

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