City Carrier Bag in Black (Sizes 1, 2, 3 & 4)


The Witty Pet Care City Carrier bag is built for city life with a dog! 

Perfect for subway rides, trips in a taxi, or carrying your pup all around town, these cool-meets classic bags were designed with dogs of ALL sizes in mind.  

To reduce the empty weight of the bag, this easy-wearing tote is made from durable, yet lightweight canvas, and is designed with both form and function in mind. The interior base of the bag is removable and both the base and bag are machine washable. 

Hand-held handles are perfect for short carries, while the longer straps are designed with the perfect shoulder drop for an easy-on, easy-off fit.

A u-shaped cutout allows your dog to take in all of action around them, while a padded base ensures comfort and support.  A clip-on cord ensures a safe ride, and deep, dual-side pockets are a secure place to keep your essential supplies (phone, treats, wallet, etc).

Offered in 4 sizes to accommodate almost any pup, the best fit is determined by a combination weight, length, and body shape.  The weights below are a basic guideline, and we always suggest keeping in mind that if your pup is extra short, long, long-legged, etc, you might need to adjust up or down in size accordingly (ie, your pup is 20 pounds but has super long legs - you might want to size up for extra comfort!). 

  • Size 1 :  designed for pups from 5-10 pounds
  • Size 1 :  measures 19" wide and 11.5" high
  • Size 2 : designed for pups from 10-20 pounds. 
  • Size 2 : measures 23.25" wide and 15" high
  • Size 3 : designed for pups from 20-50 pounds
  • Size 3 : measures 26.25" wide and 16.75" high
  • Size 4 : designed for pups for 50+ pounds
  • Size 4 : measures 31.25" wide and 20" high

Size 1 model TOPO is a long-haired Chihuahua who weighs 10 pounds, and is long for his size.  He fits comfortably in the Size 1 (seriously...he growls when we try to take him out of the bag!

Size 2 model CHEEKY is a hairy Havanese who weighs 15 pounds, and is also long for her size.  She fits very comfortably in the Size 2, with a bit of room to spare!

Size 3 model BRANCA is a Bulldog who weighs around 50 pounds.  With her compact body shape, she fits well into a Size 3.  

Size 4 model BORIS is a Pitbull-Terrier mix.  At 90 pounds, Boris fits at the top end of the Size 4. 

Size 4 note : After years of customer requests at our NYC shop for bigger bags to transport bigger dogs, we've finally designed a viable solution for short carries (ie, onto the subway, into a taxi, etc).  Please don't carry more than your body can support when toting your large dog!

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