Cat Puzzle Feeder Toy << FINAL SALE >>

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Stimulate your kitty's wild instinct to scratch, sniff and retrieve with this amazing Cat Puzzle Feeder!

Rising difficulty levels keep your furry friend interested and coming back for more.  When used as a feeder, this puzzle encourages slower eating for healthier digestion and weight management.

  • Mental stimulation & engagement of natural feline instincts
  • Healthy activity through play and foraging
  • Slowing down eating for better digestion & weight management
  • Level 1 - Beginner : Keep the puzzle wide open at the bottom, so that "freebie" treats can be knocked out from the top
  • Level 2 - Intermediate : 2 Ways to slide...your cat will slide the treat up the wall so that it pops out the side.
  • Level 3 - Top-Cat : Your cat will learn how to slide the treat all the way up the walls, or through the openings on either side...amateurs need not apply!
  • Level 4 - Top-Secret : A secret hack is included on the card that comes with the puzzle...for serious gamers only!

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