Funston Poo-Bag Dispenser in Olive Green


Tired & annoyed of the clunky plastic dog bone that’s constantly in your way?
WILDEBEEST's soft & compact poopbag dispenser attaches to your leash securely without swinging around. Problem solved!

One of our personal faves, the thermoplastic rubber dispenser really keeps poo bags in place after tearing. Dog parents understand, it really is the small things!

Product Details:

  • Wrap around leash handle with velcro closure -- this holds Baggie down while you're tugging on the poopbags
  • Sleek rubbery opening dispenses smoothly with just the right amount of grip
  • Compatible with any poopbag roll or loose bag
  • New roll can be loaded while old roll is inside
  • 1 roll of Earth Rated poopbags included
  • Machine washable
Size: 3" x 2" x 1.5"

Material: Cordura Nylon / Thermoplastic Rubber Dispenser / Metal Clasp / Nylon Ribbon / Velcro

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